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80% of repairs in under 24 hours


The Green Bicycle company supports cycling as a healthy, economical and environmentally conscious lifestyle


Who we are
Based in the heart of Belfast, The Green Bicycle Company is committed to providing eco-friendly solutions for all your cycling needs. From upcycling and repairs to recycling old parts, we’re here to help you make a positive impact on the environment.
The founder of The Green Bicycle Company in his workshop.


Our services are hugely affordable and completely flexible
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Customise Parts
Select the parts that match your unique cycling style and preferences.
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Pick-Up Service
We can pick up your bike within a 10-mile radius of Belfast city centre!
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Servicing & Repairs
Whether it’s a service, a tune-up, or a full make-over, we’ve got you covered!


At Green Bicycle, quality servicing isn't just our commitment; it's our passion
Repairs in under 24 hours
Customer Satisfaction
Repeat Customers
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Servicing & Repairs
At The Green Bicycle Company, our repair services are more than just fixes; they're a commitment to keeping your ride smooth, your carbon footprint light, and your cycling experience worry-free.


Choose your level

Choose your service level, give us a call and either drop off your bike or we’ll pick it up! It’s that simple.

Brakes & gears adjusted
Tyre pressure adjusted
Chain lubricated (external)
Brakes & gears adjusted & lubricated
Tyre pressure adjusted
Chain cassette removed, degreased & lubricated
Derailleurs removed, degreased & lubricated
Wheel bearings checked & adjusted
Headset & bottom bracket checked & adjusted
Brake cable inners replaced
Gear cable inners & outers replaced
Wheel alignment checked & spoketension adjusted
Bike wash
Complete strip down to frame & fork
All nuts & bolts cleansed, regreased &refitted
All fasteners and fittings removed from frame, checked, regreased and refitted
All brake and gear cables inners &outers replaced
Brakes & gears adjusted & lubricated
Tyre pressure adjusted
Chain casette removed, degreased& lubricated
Derailleurs removed, degreased &lubricated
Wheel bearings checked & adjusted
Headset checked cleaned regreased& reassembled
Bottom bracket disassembled, cleaned,checked reassembled
Wheel alignment checked & spoketension adjusted
Bike wash


Embrace the dual advantages of upcycling and eco-conscious bike repairs
Sustainability Redefined
Upcycling old bikes breathes new life into discarded frames and components, reducing the need for new manufacturing and conserving valuable resources.
Lower Carbon Footprint
Choosing an environmentally conscious repair expert means fewer carbon emissions associated with your bike's repair, contributing to a cleaner, greener planet.
Unique Personalisation
Upcycled bikes often have a unique charm, reflecting your eco-conscious choice and your individuality as a cyclist.
Supporting Local Business
By selecting eco-minded repair services, you're promoting local artisans who take pride in sustainable practices and craftsmanship.


Check out some photos from our workshop


Call us to book a pick-up
Call us on +44 7522 772788 to schedule a date and time for pick-up of your bicycle whether it needs repaired, recycled or donated.


Beyond Belfast's City Centre: Our Pickup Map
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Bikes for sale
Check out our current selection of upcycled and reconditioned bicycles for sale.


Some feedback from our recent customers
I just want to express my thanks for the sterling work you did on my son and daughter’s bikes. They were in a sorry state and when they were returned I couldn’t believe the transformation! Many thanks once again.
Steve, Newtownabbey
What a great company! Professional service... with a smile! You don’t come by that nowadays. I have started spreading the world to my fellow cyclists!
David Colmer
Great job on the bike! Thanks for fixing the derailleur issues that the last two people to service denied existed! Thanks for revitalising it generally, and getting it back the same day so I don’t have to walk to work on Monday!
Ciaran Conliffe
Thanks a million for the work you did on the bike today. It's brilliant to see a perfectionist fine tuning a machine to make it run 100% - I know that any time you take my bike it's coming back
better than new!
David Kelly
After receiving poor and expensive services from certain bike shops, I found Green Bicycle. Karl collected both my bikes for the price of one and dropped them back later that day looking like new. Amazing service.
Rachelle Pomeroy
Just wanted to say how delighted I am with the recent work on my mountain bike. I honestly didn't give it to you in great condition, but literally got a brand new bike back. Doing the job for me so quickly is greatly appreciated!
Daryl, Co. Armagh
Find answers to common questions about our services.
Is your repair service eco-conscious, and how does it benefit the environment?
Our repair service is designed with sustainability in mind. We prioritize eco-friendly practices, including the responsible disposal of old parts, recycling whenever possible, and reducing our carbon footprint during repairs.  By choosing us, you're making an eco-conscious choice for your bike and the environment.
What types of eco-friendly materials or practices do you incorporate into bike repairs?
We use eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning agents in our maintenance routines. We also source refurbished or upcycled components whenever suitable, reducing the demand for new manufacturing and conserving valuable resources. Additionally, we're committed to minimizing waste and emissions during every repair.
Can I request eco-conscious upgrades for my bike during the repair process?
Absolutely! We offer eco-conscious upgrade options, such as energy-efficient lighting systems and sustainable handlebar grips, to enhance your bike's eco-friendliness. Feel free to discuss your preferences with our experts during the repair consultation, and we'll help you make the most sustainable choices for your ride.


Proud to be working with the following organisations
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